About Us

WHAT WE ARE                                                                                       

Jet Afrique is a Pan African and Afrocentric Airline initiative that is intended to operate domestic, regional and niche international flight operations out of Nigeria. Our airline will cover the Francophone & Anglophone Africans thereby giving everyone in the region a sense of belonging. Jet Afrique is a product of distillation of diverse aviation & Tourism experiences over a period of 15 to 35 years in Nigeria and in Africa, with best practices in the industry as the main objective of the Airline.


We provide “Hybrid and low Cost” airline products and services to our esteemed clients using the “Portfolio” approach from three main angles namely:

  • Passenger sales and operations.
  • Cargo Marketing and operations
  • Charter driven by corporate contracts and tourism, Air Ambulance services and Oil and Gas driven Helicopter services on a contractual basis inclusive of search and rescue functions.

We believe that a portfolio management approach, de-emphasizing on the passenger service as a stand-alone offering and equally tapping into yawning needs in Cargo and charter operations driven by tourism is a value driven approach to satisfy our clients and stakeholders. We strive to offer a reliable, safe, comfortable and efficient airline operation, coupled with the application of a contingent hybrid and low cost model on some signature short haul routes as a way to approach airline operations within Nigeria and the regions.

Our service offerings are designed to meet the needs of our diverse clientele.  We offer value by providing seamless modal means of transportation that includes flight, land, sea and air transfers all in a single purchase transaction. Furthermore, we offer discounted insurance, car rental and tour/vacation packages alongside out flight bookings thereby removing the trouble of multiple purchases and adding to your pockets with cost savings.


Our services are designed with incredible attention to detail, and the right mixes of in-flight catering and entertainment that ensure a memorable experience in the air. You will find our in-flight menus very interesting and rewarding; menus that are designed to keep our clients’ engaged from take-off to landing.

Our crew members are mostly hospitality trained to offer courteous and superb care in a decent manner. They are specially selected putting in mind, our philosophy of service and satisfaction. So, whether you fly in economy, business or first class cabins, you are sure of getting a good pampering that will remain memorable for a long time.

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